New website up and running. . .


Fellow photographers who design your own websites from scratch, I feel your pain. As if learning all the technology it takes to be a photographer isn’t enough, now we have to throw in html, cascading style sheets, video frames and all the other little dots, forward-slashes and semicolons that form the behind the scenes architecture of a website (and if you get just one of those little bracket thingies in the wrong place, the whole thing goes to shit!).

However, at long last the new site is finally done and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. In fact, it should probably be at least three more weeks until all of the technology the web is built upon changes and I have to go back and redesign the whole thing again.

In the meantime, I welcome all feedback from anyone who might like to visit the new site and let us know how we did. If anyone finds any broken links or things that just don’t make sense, please let us know so we can cobble together a fix. Thanks for your feedback!


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