God Bless Japan

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The Japanese have such a wonderful and meticulous culture. I’ve long been fascinated with not only their history but their way of life. In the wake of the recent tsunami disaster, those of us at Sun Gallery were prompted to pay homage to Japan by designing a photo session around the concept of the geisha. Revered for their sharp whit, exquisite beauty and impeccable social discourse, the geishas add yet another cultural element to the mysterious allure of Japan.

This photo session never would have been possible without the talents of our good friend and stylist Jody Bray, who just so happened to be visiting us from Australia. Together, Jody and Danielle transformed our model (who happens to be Latin American) into a living piece of porcelain for the camera. Our hearts go out to the victims of the tsunami, and our creative efforts will never cease to strive for the same perfection that is the spirit of the geisha.

Sun Gallery


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